Pathway to Pleasure

 a 6-week eros embodiment series for awakening aliveness and sensual self-intimacy in the changing seasons.

December 9th, 2022-January 13th, 2023
Fridays, 4-5:30pm PST

This series is designed for our tired bodies and weary souls as we transition into another long winter. Let this be a space where we practice tending to the needs of our energetic and embodied experiences, a space where we can come home to the intimacy of feeling pleasure.

Drawing from the practices of erotic movement arts, taoism and qi gong, and the 8 limbs of yoga, informed by principles of somatic trauma resolution, this series will help us ease into creating space for what wants to be felt– grief, shame, sadness and rage included.

Week by week, we’ll grow our capacity to dance with more of our own erotic essence, a powerful life force suppresed by the conditions of capitalism and patriarchy. We’ll make contact with the places in which we have been numb for protection, hurting for loss, and overworked for survival.

We’ll practice moving slowly in a world that continues to speed by, attuning to our nervous system and being brave about the privileges and difficulties of being embodied in a culture that forces disembodiment and dissociation, making space for our desires for something different.

Each session will begin with a short contextual lesson for the practice ahead, and will close with a juicy and restful Reiki savasana. There will also be an optional space afterwards for any group processing. This space centers the lived experiences of Black and Brown bodies of culture, though all bodies are welcome.

What to expect:

  • Practices for feeling more sensation, pleasurable or painful, within various parts of the body
  • Movement, exercises and stretches to create more space and aliveness within the body
  • Dance sequence to cultivate erotic qi and open to more pleasure
  • Practices to move from feeling activated and overstimulated to feeling more restful and relaxed
  • Short lessons on:
    • how to access the body’s rest and digest state
    • how the body stores trauma and keeps us in dysregulation
    • how to discharge and release activation and traumatic energy
    • the difference between regulating the nervous system and resolving trauma
    • how to grow our capacity for intense emotions

Tiered Pricing:

Community – $225
Sustainer – $275 (true cost)
Contributor – $325 (white bodies rate)

2-month payment plans offered. For extended plans, please email with your requested plan.

You will also be invited to purchase two materials (totaling $40 on Amazon) that will support your body in our practices. Alternatives found at home can also be used. 


All sessions will be held virtually via Zoom. You will also access to recordings and a community board on Podia, an online learning platform.

A welcome packet including all information, resources, how to prepare and weekly syllabus will be provided after registration.

Please direct any questions to