erotic power

a 6-month immersion for revolutionary mystics to root into their power for an emergent interdependent and inter-sovereign way of being and relating by embodiment of their erotic essence-nature and centered integrity

march 2023 cohort waitlist now open

erotic power is designed as a learning and healing space that is facilitated through circular wisdom, decentralized leadership and non-hierarchal, emergent and attuned storytelling and pedagogy.

together, we will remember ancestral ways of being, imagine queer futures and make space for an emergent way of relating that is rooted in our inherent power.

centered in this offering is the practice of embodiment: inhabiting the fullness of our somatic experience and being in relationship with our subtle body so that we may be vessels for the liberation of our own erotic nature.

we will look to nature as our teachers, listen for whispers of guidance from our ancestors and deities, and devote ourselves to an iterative practice of spiritual depth and remembered ways of being.

we will practice embodying the erotic, as in the relational intimacy and regenerative life force that brings us closer to ourselves and each other, towards belonging in a dystopian era.

we will understand how the collective trauma spell of the coercive white supremacist capitalist patriarchy has repressed the life force within our nervous systems and co-create the conditions for our healing.

we will grow our capacity for pleasure and receptivity, feel-sense our energetic sovereignty, and learn to relate from centered integrity so that we may practice consensual culture.

and, we will dance in devotion and regard for the totality of our humanity: instinctual and primal, interdependent and tribal, full of feeling and desire, liberated in soulful essence, and dripping with erotic power.

“The erotic is a measure between the beginnings of our sense of self and the chaos of our strongest feelings. It is an internal sense of satisfaction to which, once we have experienced it, we know we can aspire. For having experienced the fullness of this depth of feeling and recognizing its power, in honor and self-respect we can require no less of ourselves.”

– Audre Lorde, Uses of the Erotic

this offering is for

  • the black, brown, indigenous melanated person AND…
  • the cis, genderfluid, nonbinary, trans, queer, neurodivergent bbs who was assigned female at birth or is transfeminine
  • the revolutionary mystics who want to apply their magic to their activism
  • the somatic abolitionist, the emergent strategist, and the decolonial spiritual hunnies
  • the politicized yogini, intuitive guide, reiki practitioner, bodyworker, life coach or licensed therapist
  • the one who is ready for the real-time practice of interdependence, inter-sovereignty and integrity
  • the one who already has an embodiment practice and is ready to expand into collective embodied wisdom
  • the one who is trauma-informed and wants to understand and practice somatic trauma resolution
  • the one who wants to build a secure attachment to themselves, their ancestors, their land from a nervous system perspective
  • the one who longs for belonging and community with shared values without hierarchy
  • the one who desires the felt-sense of more pleasure, more sensuality, more intimacy through the eros
  • the one who is tired of being hypervigilant and searching beyond themselves for their inherent worth
  • the one who knows they can be autonomous and sovereign even when our culture is coercive af
  • the one who is ready to experience decentralized leadership, and non-hierarchal storytelling and wisdom-weaving
  • the one who has a meditation practice and can take ownership of their own shit
  • the one who quotes Audre Lorde, bell hooks, and adrienne maree brown on their social media
  • the one who believes that change is iterative, in the small and doable, in the fractal and cellular
  • the one who wants to feel the range of their emotions as an embodiment of their power
  • the one who knows something isn’t right about the way we’ve been taught how to relate to one another
  • the one who wants to be seen, heard, and witnessed in their whole, messy, unmasked self
  • the one who reads this page and is like, fuck yeah, i want this for me

“Eros is our desire to connect with life, to relate with one another, to share and feel our closeness. It is love, yes, but it is also a way of embodying our experiences and experiencing embodiment in others.

Eros comes with a sense of security and well-being, a welcoming and acceptance of the split-off self. In the broadest sense, Eros is that quality of belonging that we so ache to feel in our lives.”

– Toko-pa Turner, Belonging

“Denise created a brave and consensual space for me to explore my trauma and healing through the wisdom of my own body. As someone who has felt out of place and unsafe my entire life existing as a WOC, Denise gave me the tools to cultivate safety and belonging in both my external and inner realities so that I can better move with intention and integrity in all aspects of my life. She embodies a leader full of strength, honesty, and compassion through their programming and facilitation.”

Kristen N.

what’s inside?

6 monthly modules, each including:
• a 3-hour workshop experience to immerse into the content and receive pedagogy {15-30 min break in between}
• a 90-min nervous system attunement and movement practice session to cultivate erotic qi and dance in devotion
• a week off for rest, digest and to live in the questions {+ 1:1 sessions if chosen}
• a 2-hour integration circle for somatic practice, storytelling medicine and wisdom-weaving

and lifetime access to a community portal and session recordings on podia

“Denise is an incredible healer and intuitive – I was consistently surprised by their ability to intuit exactly what was happening in my body and spiritual realm. Their awareness of my energetic realm, and of what guides, ancestors, etc were showing up for me was truly uncanny. Through my work with Denise, I finally was able to find the missing keys that help me resolve my chronic anxiety on a daily basis and find peace, instead of spending days or hours living with anxiety in my body. Our work has supported me in being able to build community and overcome my social anxiety, and it’s also helping me and improving my relationships with family as well. I now know what is showing up for me and why when it comes to my anxiety, which is a game changer. I also no longer make my anxiety incorrect or wrong, and can live with it when it needs to exist. Denise is a master of creating a safe space. I felt safer with Denise after one session that I have with multiple therapists after multiple sessions. My sessions with Denise also supported me in being able to claim my needs and wants, set up boundaries, and to be able to express them. One of my favorite things about my work with Denise is that they spent time educating me on what was going on in my body and why certain traumatic imprints were showing up for me. So, I am now armed with tools and information instead of feeling completely dependent on Denise to resolve everything that is coming up in my body. This work has been an absolute game changer for me even as someone who has done over a decade of therapy and who is an experienced mindset coach and healer in my own right. I originally started doing this work because I had hit a plateau with traditional talk therapy & I needed some support in moving trauma through my body, which I was certainly pretty sure it was the reason why I experienced such constant paralyzing anxiety… It turns out I was right and now thanks to Denise when my anxiety shows up I have the tools to be able to be with it, understand it, and resolve it. I’m grateful for their work and I am sure that I will work with them again.”

Gieselle A.

erotic power

exists because as Lorde says, “In order to perpetuate itself, every oppression must corrupt or distort those various sources of power within the culture of the oppressed that can provide energy for change.”

and we are ready for change. it’s time for us to go beyond cycles of survival and towards becoming living vessels for cultural change that is in relationship to “the erotic as a considered source of power and information within our lives.”

erotic power is the space for us to both dismantle the suppression of the eros by the colonial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy within our own soma, and to feel-sense our inherent capacity to be rooted in our power and belong to ourselves and each other.

eros embodiment

cultivate erotic qi as a regenerative life force
heal trauma in real-time (SAFER method)
embodying self-belonging and consensual culture

intimate belonging

cultivating reciprocal relationships
neutralizing power dynamics
consensual culture relational framework

creating queer futures

unmasking layers of internalized oppression
being in the practice of being in our power
becoming vessels for iterative change

opening ceremony

wednesday, june 22nd 2022, at 12pm pst

 monthly modules

wk 1 •  3-hour immersion on a thursday at 12pm pst
wk 2 • 90-min sensual embodiment space on a thursday at 12pm pst
wk 3 • break week / 1:1 sessions
wk 4 • 2-hour integration circle on a thursday at 12pm pst

view the full calendar here

1: revolutionary remembrance

intro to core philosophies: consensual culture, emergent strategy and somatic abolitionism and erotic movement arts

2: creating conditions for change

building our understanding that everything is relational, creating our ecosystem of care, and understanding relational somatics

3: essence of embodiment

feeling our rootspace, building a secure attachment to self, attuning to the subtle body and deepening somatic trauma resolution

4: pleasure, receptivity and dignity

the physiology of receptivity, building inherent self-worth, creating interdependent relationships and healing self-abandonment

5: energetic and embodied sovereignty

decolonizing the body, body autonomy, the physiology of our protector and provider, creating inter-sovereign relationships

6: belonging and letting love in

healing shame and repression, heart qi essence, sexuality as power, creating intimate relationships with integrity

closing ceremony

wednesday, december 7th, 2022, time tbd

“Denise has a loving, infinitely compassionate and expansive, and wise, attuned, & receptive heart for holding others, holding space, and being in radical relationships with others. The work they have done to be a lover, healer, facilitator, patterns-of-trauma disruptor, teacher, learner, healer, and guide of QTBIPOC souls also seeking and practicing liberation, self-love, care, and community which will heal & save us all shines forth in every short conversation they have, every circle facilitated, each interaction, every thought of engaging with the wholeness of another person. Your heart, soul, and lived experience are centered when you’re with them; they practice radical, consensual relationships in which there is growth and patterns for safety, trust, joy, and feeling held. Through working with Denise I have learned that their commitment, skills, and receiving their natural medicine is so finely attuned to others – to me in our relational space, to the groups I have been that they held – they really show up and do the work to have a felt-sense of trauma-informed care and facilitation for BIPOC femmes and to support our collective liberation. Denise is the wonder of relationships and trust and through knowing or working with them, my own relationship with my body, self-trust, self-agency and autonomy, and respecting and living in the body & heart I reside in have expanded and exploded into so many more colors, grown in presence and are much more alive.”

Celine J.

Program Tuition




per month for 6 mos



per month for 9 mos

This pricing tier is for you if you are generally at ease with finances, can pay all your bills and have some expendable income or savings.



per month for 6 mos



per month for 9 mos

This pricing tier is for you if you are comfortable with your finances, can afford to go on vacation and have expendable income and savings. 

“You are only free when you realize you belong no place—you belong every place—no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.”

– Maya Angelou, 1973 interview

“Denise has helped me put language to experiences that have spent so long swirling around inside of me. I have many words and embodied moments to describe how Denise’s radiant spirit and skills with intuitive work have renewed and empowered me. As a result, I can’t wait to continue letting myself be curious, playful, and grateful!”

Elley B.

“Denise has honestly been an amazing mentor. She has so much wisdom and knowledge. She teaches in such a gentle and non-judgmental way. You never feel like she is above you. She makes you feel like an equal and makes sure to let you know you have the answers inside you and you are capable of self-healing. She is an amazing guide to help with working through that self-healing journey. Through working with Denise, she has helped me get to the root of my anxieties to start healing. For the first time in my life, I have seen a decrease in my anxiety and I finally have hope that I can manage it. I’ve been able to have more confidence and finally feel like I’m worthy. Before working with Denise, I was always subconsciously trying to numb my feelings. Now, I have confidence to face my feelings and work through them rather than hiding from them. I also have more awareness to my unhealthy patterns and the tools to work to change them.”

Raylene R.

“Working with Denise has been such a supportive part of my healing journey. Denise creates soothing, safe, and nurturing settings for gently pushing through dissociative numbness and releasing stuck emotions. They facilitate this work with tenderness, responsiveness, and encouragement, and I have left each of our sessions feeling a sense of lightness and empowerment. I highly recommend working with them!”

Afra K.

I’ve experienced Denise’s exquisite gift of spaceholding dozens of times in several capacities. Her circles, both in person and online, always feel safe, freeing, nourishing, healing, soulful and alive. She takes great care in creating safe spaces for women and femmes to speak their truths, to be vulnerable, and to show up as their most authentic selves. She is incredibly intuitive. The circles always flow so naturally. This takes great skill, but you’d never know it by how graceful and effortless it all feels as a participant.

Y’all. She is the real deal when it comes to deep healing work. While healing has been a long and arduous journey for me, what I learn from Denise has always felt like the forefront of my progress. She embodies and exemplifies what she teaches, and doesn’t act like a superhuman or holier than thou. She embraces her humanity by humbly and vulnerably sharing about it with others.”

Jenn B.

about denise

denise (they/them) is a genderqueer, autistic, solo-polyam, demisexual, immigrant of malaysian chinese descent. their lineage is daoist and in their personal practice, they have adopted tantra as a spiritual orientation as well. they are backed up by generations of healers, leaders, activists, rebels, philosophers and lawmakers within their ancestry.

they are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault and harm. they would not be who they are today without their teachers and friends rachael maddox, rie katagiri, elydé arroyo, kai cheng thom, adrienne maree brown, resmaa menakem and countless others.

they are devoted to making their life an offering to quan yin and shakti ma. they practice relationship anarchy and have a hyper-sensitivity to power dynamics in all their relations, and therefore feels adamant about being a conduit for consensual culture, no matter how hard it feels at times.

they are fueled by decaffeinated coffee, long walks with their pitbull baloo, naps so hard mfers wanna fine them, talking to trees and crows, and erotic qi dancing. denise is also a reiki energy healer, poet and writer, and aspiring acupuncturist and chinese medicine doctor.