the school of consensual culture

a space for the exploration and learning of a relational somatics framework rooted in interdependence, inter-sovereignty, integrity, co-creation and compassion.


we are devoted to cultivating erotic power so that we may be resourced by our pleasure, and to healing intergenerational trauma to end patriarchal violence and coercion culture.

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Consensual culture is a relational healing framework for eros liberation. 

It offers that our core needs of belonging; the felt-sense of safety and home, the expression of our identities, and the regard and care for our dignity, informs the way we relate to one another.

The practice of consensual culture invites us to feel into our truest longings and desires, create space for the emergence of erotic power, and understand how we’ve been shaped by systemic oppression and intergenerational trauma.

As a body- and earth-based philosophy, consensual culture makes the relational space between beings a study of our bids for attachment and intimacy. It posits that the regenerative practice of embodying our erotic power brings us closer to our liberation.

It also investigates the traumatic nature of our current waters; the colonial white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, and that the practice of consensual culture itself is what helps us heal. It understands that our collective liberation is inherently tied to the power of Black and trans/queer folks and the abolition of the carceral-police state.

Consensual culture also supports us in ‘bridging the gap’ between the current state of our culture and that which we most long for, that which we must radically imagine as possible, that which we are currently creating and shaping as we find our way back to love.

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